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transdisciplinary company of free improvisation

First Prize and Honour Prize winner at the René Arons International Competition in Antwerp. (Bel)


"Les Heures Perdues” Company results of the meeting of musicians and dancers wishing to share their experiences, their curiosity and their thirst for new forms of live performing arts.
As they wanted to break down barriers between artistic disciplines, the company’s founders were pushed to explore new sound and visual worlds. Thanks to the freedom that improvisation provides, Les Heures perdues company occupies the room that has been given to them for the space of a performance, in order to create a collective and ephemeral piece of art.

The company is a collective whose composition is variable; its members graduated from the National Music Conservatory of Paris, the birthplace of generative improvisation, once theorized by Pr. Alain Savouret.
At the heart of their work we find interactions and energy transfers between sound and movement.

“Les Heures perdues” company is playing the game of soundpainting, a directed improvisation in which a simple gesture is transposed in a sound, a noise, a cry and a movement to create an original and remarkable performance.

- Performance on stage: « Les Heures perdues » company brings a “total” show mixing dancers and musicians in a common creative spirit. This constantly changing show questions spatialization and scenography and gives a surprisingly free performance.

- Performances in situ: During in situ performances, the company’s improvisers create a scenic and acoustic space which works as an ephemeral parenthesis. They occupy the space, inhabit it and make it alive. It allows to create very strong links with the place of the performance, its architecture and its history. Those performances offer the audience an immersive experience, as they can come into direct contact with the performers

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