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Music Prizes and awards :

2013 : 2nd prize with special citation from the jury of the Antoine Courtois National Competition in Tours (France).
2015 : 1st Prize of the International Solist Competition in Svirel (Slovenia)

2016 : 1st Prize of chamber music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris - Brass Quintet

2017 : 1st Prize of free improvisation (Improvisation Générative) at the CNSM de Paris
Trombone Prize from the National


2018 : 1st Prize of chamber music at the CNSM de Paris - Brass Trio

2019 : 1st Prize from the International Improvisation Competition in Antwerp with “Les Heures Perdues”

1st Prize of trombone at the CNSM de Paris

Félix Bacik is a multi-influenced musician, trombone player and improviser. After his classical training, he specialized in the practice of chamber music and free improvisation.
He graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de  Paris with 4 prizes: trombone, chamber music (quintet and trio) and free improvisation.
As a talented and open-minded chamber music player, he founded the Quintette Phénix, a wind quintet with a very special orchestration, which numerous creations were dedicated to.
Félix has also been a member of the Bacchus Quintet since 2014.
As an improviser he co-created the Company “Les Heures Perdues” with the clarinet player Juliette Adam; It is a group mixing musicians and contemporary dancers in in-situ performances, combining soundpainting and generative improvisation. Today he is the artistic director and soundpainter of the company as well.
In addition to his activities as a classical musician, Félix is a member of the “Boulbibrass” funk fanfare.
Refusing to be confined in one music style or esthetic, Félix pursues a wide variety of
projects leading him to perform in the most prestigious  french music scenes: Philharmonie de Paris, Seine Musicale, New Morning, and AccorHotel Arena Bercy, Marciac Jazz Festival.

He played in a great many European countries as well as in the Middle East, Caribbean Islands and China.
He also played with prestigious orchestras such as Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Morocco Royal Orchestra, Mannheim Symphonic Orchestra,  and contemporary orchestras such as “Ensemble Intercontemporain”, and “Ensemble Multilatérale”.


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