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a renewed wind Quintet

Phénix Quintet is an unprecedented musical group with a very special orchestration combining clarinet’s playful virtuoso, oboe’s and English horn’s sophisticated allure, trombone’s versatility and tuba’s profound round deepness.
That musical utopia was born in 2016 at the National Music Conservatory of Paris where five young musicians set themselves the objective of renewing the practice of chamber music.
As 21 century ‘s musicians, they wanted to break down barriers between musical genres in order to open up to new audiences and new musics.
They therefore created a new band that could blur boundaries, that refused dividing lines between noble and popular instruments, wood wind and brass instruments, original and transcribed repertoires, serious, academic music and traditional or contemporary one. Musical crossing is their key word.
Phenix quintet is made up of talented and open minded musicians, winners of many international prizes and rewards who are actively looking into the future. Moving towards contemporary music they perform several pieces that have been dedicated to Phenix quintet; they also work with great composers of our time. But at the same time, their musical repertoire includes many of the masterpieces of the past centuries, with daring arrangements exploring the numerous possibilities of each instrument of the quintet.
Phenix quintet can play anything and dares to do so.

Phenix quintet recently performed at the “Philharmonie de Paris” , at “La Seine Musicale”. It regularly performs at the “Young Talent” festival, in particular at “Le Grand Palais”, in Paris.

DATES 2020/2021...

27/03/2021 : Concert - Création - Concerto Grosso

Saison musicale - Chateaudun (28)                                                                                                     ...Plus d'infos                                                           

04/04/2021 : Concert "Hérauts romantiques"

Les Musicales du Bocage - Vire (14)                                                                                                    ...Plus d'infos


19/08/2021 : Concert "Hérauts romantiques"

Parenthèse Musique - Eguzon (23)                                                                                                     ....Plus d'infos

... d'autres dates de concert à venir très bientôt ...


DATES 2019/2020...

21/11/2019 : Concert de Sainte-Cécile

Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse - Paris                                               ....Plus d'infos

14/12/2019 : Quintette Phénix et Yoann Jolly - "Eh bien, dansez maintenant !"

Auditorium du lycée Louis-le-Grand - Programmation Jeunes Talents - Paris                            ...Plus d'infos

28/03/2020 : Concert - Création - Concerto Grosso - REPOUSSÉ

Saison musicale - Chateaudun (28)                                                                                                     ...Plus d'infos                                                           

04/04/2020 : Concert "Beethoven, père des romantiques" - REPOUSSÉ

Les Musicales du Bocage - Vire (14)                                                                                                    ...Plus d'infos

18/07/2020 : Quintette Phénix et Yoann Jolly - "Eh bien, dansez maintenant !"

Festival Européen Jeunes Talents - Paris                                                                                           ...Plus d'infos

19/08/2020 : Quintette Phénix - Récital - REPOUSSÉ

Festival La Parenthèse Musique - Eguzon (36)                                                                                  ...Plus d'infos

20/08/2020 : Quintette Phénix et Yoann Jolly - "Eh bien, dansez maintenant !"

Festival Va jouer dehors ! - Blois (41)                                                                                                   ...Plus d'infos

26/08/2020 : Quintette Phénix et Yoann Jolly - "Eh bien, dansez maintenant !"

Festival Un été à croquer - Villeneuve-la-Garenne (92)                                                                     ...Plus d'infos

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